COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Behavior – Here’s How Your Company Can Adapt

Posted on March 14, 2020 • Written by Tony Diaz
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The global spread of COVID-19 has understandably startled business leaders and consumers alike. Many companies, including Fruition, have responded by adjusting their workplace policies to reduce in-person interaction. Our transition to a fully-remote workplace is enabled by our prior planning and existing flexible culture, meaning our work can continue without interruption. Many companies have made similar moves, an adjustment that’s made easier than ever in 2020 given advancements in remote-working technology and broader cultural shifts in flexible work.

Not every company is able to make such a change, however, and the ripple effects of COVID-19 are still uncertain. Even after the immediate health risks have passed, no one can say with certainty what the long-term effects on the economy will be. Currently, business leaders are working overtime to ensure customer and employee safety, while balancing concerns for their operations and bottom line. We can be the first to tell you: this balancing act is not easy.  

Despite these uncertain times,  Fruition stands by our mission of helping our clients grow and protect their businesses. As your partner in the digital marketplace, we help you prepare for the changes that will come and identify opportunities in challenging conditions. We’re fully committed to partnering with each of our customers to leverage their strengths and apply them to this ever-changing situation, whether it’s replacing in-person interactions with digital connections or dreaming up new ways to create authentic relationships with your customers.   

We were founded with the  mission to “Build, Grow, Protect,” and our mission still holds true today. Just as we’ve navigated through previous health concerns, market crashes, and other unanticipated events, we’re confident our team can deliver custom digital solutions that help your business continue to grow in and beyond this difficult time.

Our now remote team is fully operational and  prepared to deliver on client projects uninterrupted. We take a dynamic approach, which allows us to adapt our clients’ strategies to ensure continued growth. As you’re considering your company’s course of action, here are some considerations: 

  • COVID-19 is a global event. Against a backdrop of historically low oil prices, shipping rates have remained relatively stable as demand adjusts from China and freight carriers right-size routes. For businesses that are normally sensitive to overseas competition, consider how changes in the supply chain may increase demand for more locally-sourced products. Fruition is prepared to work with you on identifying and implementing new shipping or payments offerings to account for a potential shift in consumer behavior. 
  • Consumers will interact more with businesses over digital channels. Is your business prepared for an increase in online, voice, SMS and social support channel interactions? If your web site doesn’t currently support chat, consider partnering with Fruition to identify and implement a solution for omnichannel sales and support to keep customers engaged and happy.
  • Similarly, businesses with a traditional in-person delivery model may consider a shift in consumer behavior (and lower foot traffic) as an opportunity to diversify into new digital offerings. Business owners should consider whether adding new and even novel online sales and delivery channels would be beneficial. For instance, a gym facing a slowdown in facility usage could rapidly roll out an at-home workout app, complete with videos of trainers modeling movements and allowing members to submit video of their workouts for feedback. Businesses sensitive to MRR and churn concerns should particularly consider how they can reduce cancellations by demonstrating ongoing value.

Fruition is your partner in the digital marketplace, and we have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to ensure your business thrives regardless of changes in consumer behavior. If you’re unsure of the best course of action for your business, you can always look to us as your strategic partner. Call us today to discuss your challenges – we look forward to crafting a creative solution that allows your business to succeed.

Tony Diaz

Written by Tony Diaz

Tony Diaz is Fruition’s Service Desk Lead. Tony is Fruition’s main point of contact for web administration work, and he applies his customer service background to grow the Fruition Service Desk. In his free time, you can find him walking and jogging through Denver’s best parks.

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