Big-Agency Website Development at Small Firm Rates

Fruition’s team of experienced website designers and developers can help you improve your existing website or build you a brand new one. Our website team members have decades of experience between them, and can design and develop across a variety of platforms. This ensures that you know what options you have and what it is going to cost your company before development begins. Website design isn’t always about having the flashiest or most high-tech website. A well-designed website is not only one that reflects your business visually, but also allows potential customers to interact with your information easily and sensibly. Websites that are thoughtful, clean, and easy to use convert more traffic into sales versus websites that are laid out poorly, are cluttered, or confusing. Thus, our User Experience (“U/X”) design team ensures that we are looking at what your visitors want when we design not just what you think they want. The goal is always to design to maximize the value per visitor. Website design projects range in budget from $5,000 for basic information websites to seven-figures for large, complex projects. The scope, time, and budget of a website redesign depends on many factors, including the type of website and the platform in which it is built.

We build three primary types of websites…

  • Website Development – Most websites fall into the standard website development category when they don’t have a shopping cart or other advanced tools. We focus on designing websites with great user experience, intuitive navigation, and clear calls to action to improve traffic and conversions.
  • eCommerce Website Development – eCommerce websites include shopping carts and tools for online retail experience. A well-designed and easy to use eCommerce website makes users’ buying experience easier, compelling them to spend more time on your site and spend more money. eCommerce websites range from simple single product sales pages to complex websites with millions of skus and integrations with dozens of warehouses and different payment processors.
  • Mobile Website Development - More and more internet users are browsing websites on a smartphone or tablet. Websites that don’t offer a mobile version are more difficult to use on a mobile device and will deter users from spending time on those sites. Having a mobile version of your website is essential to doing business. Thus, most websites that we build are now “responsive.” Responsive means that the website automatically adjust based upon the website visitor’s screen resolution. This is better than the “mobile themed” websites that you may have now or have been pitched because it makes upkeep of the site much easier and can even reduce load times if designed for mobile first. By the way, designing for mobile first is a good way to reduce clutter on your website and improve conversion rates!

We work with website development clients in several industries and specialties…

  • Business website development
  • Enterprise website development - Fortune 500 intranets and extranets
  • Home and building industry clients
  • Professional services website development
    – Attorneys
    - LASIK Website Development
    - Cosmetic Surgery
    – Dental websites
  • Small business websites
  • SaaS platform development

Website Development Platforms

There are many different kinds of platforms a website can be built in. Different website platforms serve different needs. Fruition’s website developers can build in several different systems, and can consult on which will be best for your business…

Drupal Design & Development

Drupal is an open source web application often used as a Content Management System (CMS), and is widely popular with developers, website administrators, and non-technical users. Because of Drupal’s modularized framework design, Fruition’s Drupal developers can create fully customized websites ranging from small business websites to large eCommerce websites. Drupal makes it easy to integrate custom widgets and advanced tools, optimize for SEO keywords, add social media plugins, and integrate eCommerce shopping carts. Fruition’s Drupal website developers can integrate into your website:
  • Custom module development
  • Drupal iPhone and Android integration to native apps
  • Website design specific to Drupal
  • Enterprise-level Drupal hosting
  • Responsive Drupal themes
In addition, Fruition’s Drupal developers can build websites that focus on…
  • Drupal Intranets
  • Drupal Extranets
  • Ecommerce using Ubercart
  • Fantasy sports leagues
  • Advanced booking widgets
  • Facebook commerce integration
  • Ad platform integration
  • Social websites
  • Integration with native apps (iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry)
  • Mobile site development using responsive design.
  • Drupal log analysis and security services
  • Call center integration
  • Subscription management integrated with aMember or Infusionsoft

WordPress Design & Development

Wordpress began as a very popular blogging platform for non-technical users and developers, but over the years WordPress has evolved into a highly versatile Content Management System (CMS) for hosting and managing websites of all types. Wordpress excels at utilizing plugins to achieve just about anything you’d need on a website, and is highly SEO friendly. WordPress also has a user-friendly admin panel that allows people with little technical knowledge to update content, pictures, blog posts, and more. Fruition’s WordPress website developers can integrate into your website:
  • WordPress design and development that allows you and your staff to easily update your website in-house
  • High-traffic WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website hosting
  • Custom WordPress Plugin development and testing
  • WordPress security
  • WordPress hosting
  • Responsive (mobile) design and development allowing your website to look great on all devices, not just desktops computers

PHP Framework Websites

Fruition develops using the Yii framework. Yii is excellent for Web 2.0 sites including SaaS models that are going to have a lot of custom development work and where scaleability is a major concern. In our opinion Yii is the fastest way to develop totally custom sites that do not fit into a Drupal, Magento, or WordPress framework.

Magento Website Design and Development

Magento is an eCommerce software platform that makes shopping cart websites easy to navigate and operate. Magento is not only great for building out product pages and sales paths, but can also integrate shipping options and order fulfillment tools. Magento is highly popular with small, medium, and enterprise businesses that rely on online product sales for revenue. Fruition’s Magento website developers are highly skilled at designing intuitive, easy to navigate sales websites that help increase sales flow. When we build a Magento eCommerce website, we include…
  • Magento custom design and development
  • Integration with third party shipping platforms that work best for your business
  • Magento product SEO services
  • Custom extension creation and extension customization
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine shopping integration

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