Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter marketing is a whole different animal of marketing. It gets you closer to getting out and actually meeting your customers face to face than any other form of Internet marketing, and with Twitter you have to strike a balance of public relations and customer service as big pieces of your Twitter marketing strategy. A successful Twitter marketing effort requires constant interaction with your customers and the ability to respond promptly to comments and concerns, even if the comments are not sent directly to your company. As a result, any company embarking on a Twitter marketing program needs the ability to monitor all users on Twitter, gauge the mood of customers and potential customers alike, and develop a company voice that is genuine and appealing. This is where Fruition comes in.

Many Internet marketing companies have experts on hand only for SEO or PPC. Here at Fruition, we have Internet marketing experts in SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, Twitter marketing services, and social media. This breadth of talent allows us to optimize your Internet marketing campaign to make it cost effective and efficient without leaving out any key aspects of your overall marketing needs. With Twitter campaigns, Fruition’s Twitter experts have the ability to add the highest quality followers to your account and to create relevant attention through content development and engagement with your Twitter followers.

Establishing your corporate voice is one of the biggest challenges companies face when embarking on any social media campaign. We’ve all seen Twitter accounts that tend toward self-promotion rather than toward a natural engagement with potential customers. When we start a Twitter Marketing program, we start by delivering an overall social media strategy to ensure that we are working towards common goals. As part of our custom social media plan, we’ll work with your team to understand the tone you want to set for your business in social media. From there, your Twiter Marketing programs can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you want the Twitter Experts at Fruition to handle your brand’s presence on Twitter or you want to manage your social media presence yourself with general guidance from Fruition’s team, we’re here to help. We’ll help you determine how much help you need on a day-to-day basis and set you up with the tools you need to make you and your team successful in your Twitter marketing campaign.

Twitter Marketing and Twitter Management Services

Fruition offers fully customizable plans to get you started with Twitter Marketing. From start-up to daily management of your Twitter presence, we have the expertise to help you add high quality followers and make a strong impact on your target audience. Our Twitter Marketing and Management expertise includes:
  • Delivery of a custom Twitter Marketing plan complete with an assessment of the most appropriate corporate voice for your brand and the specific goals to ensure that your social media presence meets your business goals.
  • Optimization of your Twitter accounts to increase visibility through search.
  • Setup and maintenance of Twitter accounts in all industries for large and small businesses
  • Delivery of tools to help you manage your social media presence efficiently, effectively and in real time.
  • Twitter Graphic Setup to make your Twitter campaign a graphic success
  • Addition of high quality followers to your Twitter account. Fruition quickly and efficiently searches for relevant and high quality followers for your Twitter account.
  • Integration of your website, blog, Facebook, and other marketing efforts into your Twitter account to help increase the reach or your campaigns without any additional work!
If you already have a Twitter account for your company, contact Fruition today for a Free Twitter consultation to learn how we can further optimize your Twitter profile to help you meet your goals.