Magento Developers – Quick Engagements

Magento Developers – Quick Engagements

Ongoing professional Magento support based in Denver

Magento, now owned by Adobe, is a powerful ecommerce platform providing room for your ecommerce business to scale. With the ability to scale comes complexity that is often difficult to manage. 

Fruition’s Magento Team

Easy Magento engagements

Fruition’s Magento team includes dedicated project managers, analysts, and engineers that focus exclusively on Magento development. We understand the ins and outs of Magento and the pitfalls that projects can fall into.

Magento Services offered by Fruition

Complete services to keep your ecommerce machine running

Magento 1.x to 2.x Migrations – Migrating from Magento 1.9.x to 2.x is not an easy task. We’ve managed dozens of migrations and understand where you can speed up the process and where you slow down to ensure a smooth migration to 2.0.
Magento to WordPress WooCommerce – Sometimes Magento isn’t the right platform when that is the case Fruition manages Magento to WooCommerce migrations.
Migrations to Magento – Getting your data out of your existing systems and into Magento while ensuring data integrity isn’t easy. Fruition manages complex migration projects to ensure your data retains logical integrity.
Magento Patching and Security – Fruition patches Magento sites and manages custom Web Application Firewalls to block as much malicious traffic to your Magento site as possible.
Magento Hosting – Hybrid cloud hosting to provide high scalability while maintaining a cost effective infrastructure. Hosting behind dedicated hardware firewalls when required.
Magento Extension Development – If you have a specific Magento extension that you need developed we’re here to help. This could include custom shipping requirements, product option requirements, or integrations with third party services or legacy ERP systems.
Magento Service Desk
– If you need small and ongoing tasks completed for your Magento project Fruition offers a service desk model. This gives you access to our Magento team at a low upfront rate. It’s also a great way to give us a shot on your Magento site before we dive into a bigger project.

Let’s chat Magento support and development

Magento Support

Magento development and ongoing support including hosting support