The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Internet Explorer

As one of the most powerful web browsers available today, Internet Explorer was the one that had the most market share back in 2002 and 2003 (95% usage share). This web browser was (and still is) developed by Microsoft and it’s included by default on computers with Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Since 2003, Internet Explorer or “IE” usage share started to decline as a consequence of the huge and tough competition from other companies that wanted to improve and expand what web browsers can accomplish for users. Now many high quality web browsers are available for all the platforms and many are available for free.

In order for us to determine if Internet Explorer is a good web browser or not, we need to discover its main advantages as well as disadvantages. By doing so we can decide if it’s worth using.

1- Advantages:
• Availability: Internet Explorer comes for free by default with any Windows operating system distribution. All you need to do is to install Windows and start browsing.
• Browsing in tabs: This new feature allowed the users to open all their webpages in the same window in what we call “tabs” (no need to open 20 windows and use a huge amount of memory). Other web browsers obviously have this feature too.
• Phishing filter: This is probably one of the biggest pluses of IE, because phishing represents a huge security problem for internet users. With the last versions of IE you don’t need to be afraid anymore about phishing issues.
• Application support: As IE was the standard of the industry, it has a support for almost every application available on the internet, and in addition, it has many useful tools built based on it.
• Reopen last sessions: You now what’s the most annoying thing that can happen to you when browsing? It’s when you close your browsers by accident and lose all the tabs that you were working on. With IE, this doesn’t happen anymore because the newer versions will save them for you and reopen them the next time you open the browser window.

2- Disadvantages:
• Speed: As we are in the speed age, IE doesn’t have this luxury. It’s considered as one of the slowest browsers compared to other web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The factor of speed includes: loading WebPages, downloading files from the internet, start up/launching time…etc.
• Security: This is probably the most annoying thing about internet browsers. One of the main factors that goes into how you choose your web browser is obviously based on its security. Because IE is the main target of internet hackers, Microsoft is struggling trying to fix its vulnerabilities and prevent them from stealing its user’s private information.
• Customization: IE has fewer options compared to other web browsers, like Firefox for example. You don’t have a lot of choices to customize your privacy settings.

As you may have noticed, IE has many disadvantages as well as advantages, but it is still a good internet browser that is used by a lot of internet users. That’s why Microsoft is still spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing it.

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