SEO Pricing

Fruition’s SEO services are broken down into well documented packages from basic reporting and self-service SEO to full enterprise SEO for the most competitive keywords available. The goal of these packages is to offer clear deliverables and scalability for every client. If your business is small we want to grow with it. If your business is large we want to fit into your existing marketing team and offer unparalleled expertise and agile SEO management to ensure that your company is maximizing the value of your interactive properties including apps, social, and websites.

Feature Tool Subscription SEO Audits for Agencies SMB SEO Enterprise SEO
Price Licensing rates vary >$15,000 $2500-$4500 $5000+
Detail License Fruition’s tools Based on complexity of your clients SMB SEO Enterprise Level SEO – Large entities and competitive industries
Rank Tracking Reports YES YES YES YES
Track up to 100 Keywords YES YES YES YES
Track up to 250 Keywords NO NO YES YES
Track up to 50,000 Keywords NO NO NO YES
Unlimited SEO Page Grader YES YES YES YES
Enterprise SEO Page Grader YES YES YES YES
Automated Site Audit YES YES YES YES
Manual Site Audit NO NO YES YES
Usability Audit NO NO 1 Per Year 1-4 Per Year
Mobile Usability Audit NO NO 1 Per Year 1-4 Per Year
Keyword Research, Analysis, Targeting NO NO YES YES
Quantity of Keywords Targeted NO Priced Per Keyword ~5-10 25+
Rank Tracking Weekly Weekly Weekly Hourly, Daily, Weekly
Data Analyis NO NO Monthly Monthly
Reporting on Key Metrics NO NO Monthly Monthly
Review Session with Project Manager NO NO Monthly Weekly
Set up Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics NO YES YES YES
Optimize URLs & Site Architecture NO YES YES YES
Optimize Page Titles with Relevant Target Keywords NO YES YES YES
Optimize Meta Descriptions NO YES YES YES
Optimize Keywords NO Removal of Keywords Removal of Keywords Removal of Keywords
Optimize Header Tags NO YES YES YES
Review and Adjust Anchor Text NO 1 Time Real Time Real Time
Review and Adjust Internal Link Density NO 1 Time Real Time Real Time
Create and Maintain XML and HTML Sitemaps NO YES YES YES
Find and Fix Googlebot Crawler Errors NO NO 1 Time YES
Decrease Page Load Times & Increase Page Speed Score Only Reporting Only Reporting Reporting and Fixes Reporting and Fixes
Fix 404 Errors NO NO 1 Time 1-4 Times Per Year
Set Up Permanent 301 Redirects As Needed NO NO Ongoing Ongoing
Establish Canonical URLs NO NO Ongoing Ongoing
Optimize Navigation Menus NO NO Ongoing Ongoing
Identify Conversion Points NO NO Ongoing Ongoing
Proprietary Link Building NO NO Maybe YES
Adjust Keyword Density of Existing Content NO YES 1X Ongoing
Add Target Keywords to HTML “Alt” and “Title” Attributes NO YES 1X Ongoing
Add Target Keywords to High Value Propositions NO YES 1X Ongoing
Add Target Keywords to File Names When Relevant NO YES 1X Ongoing
New Pages of Optimized Content NO NO 1X Ongoing
Repurpose Existing Marketing Materials (Newsletters, Archives, White Papers) NO NO YES YES
Off-Site Optimization  
High Quality Relevant Links to Landing Pages and Homepages NO YES YES YES
Strategic Partner Identification NO 1X/Year 1X/Year YES
Syndicated Press Release on MSNBC, LA Times, etc. NO 1X/Year 4X/Year 4+ X/ Year
Off-Site Blogging on Industry Blogs NO YES YES YES
Dedicated Off-Site Domains Specific to Targets NO NO YES YES
Community Engagement (Social Media, Blogs & Forms) NO NO YES YES
Syndicated Offsite Content NO YES YES YES
Secret Sauce NO NO YES YES
Directory Listings NO YES YES YES
Link Sharing Campaign NO NO YES YES
Web 2.0 Links NO YES YES YES
Create Social Media Accounts and Optimize Them NO Best Practices Guide 1X/Year Full Management
Competitive Analysis NO 1X/Year 1X/Year 4X/Year
Social Bookmarking NO YES YES YES
Analysis of Backlink Profile NO 1X/Year 1X/Year 4X/Year
Video Optimization NO NO YES YES
Local Optimization NO NO YES YES
Minimum Commitment Monthly Six Months Month to Month Month to Month
Sold out Sold Out SMB SEO Enterprise SEO

SEO Packages Overview

First — if you do not see the service that you are looking for — just ask!

      SEO Software – Just SEO Reporting & Self Service SEO Tools

      Fruition’s proprietary SEO reporting and page grader was built by leveraging our 10+ years of SEO experience. Our Google & Bing search engine ranking report are accurate and use micro-workers instead of the automated systems that Google disapproves. In addition to accurate reporting our SEO reporting tool also includes an enterprise level page grader. If you are a developer or an experienced webmaster this tool can help you get your pages inline with Google’s best practices fast. The page grader includes standard SEO measures, plus page speed, and social signals.

      Small Business SEO

      Fruition’s small business SEO services offer a sweet spot for most clients. It enables clients to dominate the most competitive keywords in their industries.

      Mid-Market to Enterprise SEO

      Enterprise SEO is often for companies that do upper seven figures and higher in revenue and either have several highly competitive target keywords or possible hundreds of thousands of less competitive keywords. Enterprise SEO clients receive a dedicated project team.
      • Examples of enterprise SEO keywords: “Dolls”, “Kate Middleton”, “solar”, “car prices”, “cosmetic surgery”, “los angeles plastic surgery,” etc.
      • Examples of enterprise SEO clients: Amonix, Bradford Group, Archos, Sendgrid, cosmetic surgeons in competitive markets, etc.