March 7th Google Web Spam Notifications

On March 7th, 2014 many websites received a “manual web spam” notice for unnatural inbound links from Google’s web spam team. We found that several websites in our Google Penalty Checker tool that didn’t do any link building for several years and they still received the notice. After a little excel magic we found just a handful of backlinks that all of the sites shared. We filtered out some common domains e.g.,, and other generic whois sites. Do you have links from these sites? The message on the 7th came in at least two varieties. The first said that Google applied an action to just the inbound links i.e. no penalty. The second stated that some pages of the website were impacted. Let us know if you received the…
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Why Punctuation Matters: Dashes vs. Underscores in Your Site’s URL

When building a new site from scratch or optimizing an existing one, webmasters face numerous decisions regarding many small details in SEO. It is no wonder that some of those details may be overlooked, such as the use of dashes and underscores in URL structures. Many new website owners have asked—and still do ask—why such a minute detail matters in SEO. The answer is very simple: Google looks at dashes and underscores differently. Underscores are Joiners, Dashes are Separators Google treats underscores as a joiner between two keywords, whereas a dash (also called a hyphen) signifies a separation of the keywords. For example, to Google, blue_shoes is just that: blue_shoes. In comparison, Google reads blue-shoes as blue shoes. Therefore, if your URL contains “blue_shoes,” Google will only supply that page if the user searches for “blue_shoes”—which is very unlikely. If…
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How to quickly remove 10,000 PDF, XLS, and html files from Google & Bing

What a difference a week makes. Last week we got a call from a large city that had accidentally dropped their main city domain name from Google. This week we tackled the exact opposite. A C-level IT director at a middle-market company called when they realized the content of their intranet was accidentally made public. The company needed assistance in getting the confidential information out of Google and Bing search results as fast as possible. This article details the steps needed to remove 10,000 PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other documents from Google and Bing indexes fast while preserving evidence to meet disclosure requirements. It showcases that SEO experts are actually good at something aside from getting websites ranked; they know how to take down content from Google and Bing quickly as well. The lessons contained are also valuable to…
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Google Penalty hits a Major California City

Google penalties are not limited to businesses doing SEO. One of our clients is a large city in California. Last night a representative contacted us and said that people couldn’t find their main city website on Google. Sure enough the website nearly completely disappeared from all Google organic search results. The website is your standard city website and didn’t have any offsite SEO performed on it so the odds of a manual or algorithmic penalty of this magnitude were slim. As with most major cities you can do a host of critical functions on the website such as paying parking tickets (I swear I was only in the spot for an hour and no I’m not parked further than 19 inches or closer than .2 inches from the curb). Sure enough a quick Google search found massive drops in the…
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Google Holiday Update Information

Google rolled out an update on December 19th, 2013 that impacted many websites across nearly all verticals. Looking at websites that were most heavily impacted Fruition believes the update was related more to Panda vs Penguin (onsite content vs offsite back links). Below you’ll see how this website ( was impacted by the December 19th Google update. Let us know how your website was impacted by this Google update.

High Profile Google Take-down – Google Penalizes Rap Genius

Google did a high profile manual penalty of the popular website Rap Genius this week. Rap Genius is a (shockingly) well funded website that allows individuals to make annotations on song lyrics. This blog post provides a summary of what Rap Genius did and how you can avoid similar actions. How Rap Genius was Penalized First, they were unlucky. The SEO tactic they used was pretty benign, probably wouldn’t have worked, and has been used in various forms for 10+ years. They got caught because someone decided to write an article about it which was then forwarded to Google’s web spam team. It’s also not clear if they were penalized before they admitted to trying to game Google or only after they spilled their beans. What’s more interesting is that if they didn’t get caught by a manual action they…
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What does the ideal website look like to Google?

At Fruition we have a greater focus on statistics and the use of probability than any other SEO services firm. So what is statistics and how does it apply to SEO? Statistics is the study and presentation of data. Probability is the mathematical foundation of all statistical properties. In most cases we use statistics by making assumptions about our data. Common assumptions range from underlying distributions to equality of variance to the nature of our data being random. All assumptions are necessary for the underlying probability laws to apply to our data. Unfortunately in practice, our assumptions are often false. The reason our assumptions are so often false is the nature of the data we collected in the first place. Assumptions are like stereotypes, though they always include some amount of truth, you can never really know how true they…
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Fruition Now Accepts bitcoin for payment – Get an 8% discount

Use your bitcoins to invest in your business Denver, CO (PRWEB) – 12/3/2013 Fruition now accepts bitcoin for payment for all website & app development and SEO services. Fruition also offers the only Google Penalty Checker tool that is free to try for all websites. Pay for any of Fruition’s services with bitcoin and get an 8% discount on all services or product subscriptions.   If you’re sitting on a bundle of coins and want to invest it in your business give us a call. We’ll increase traffic to your website or app or if you don’t have a site we’ll create one for you.  Fruition’s clients range from well-funded start-ups to Fortune 100s. The advantages of bitcoin include: Fast and free transactions High security High anonymity and privacy Fruition specializes in the following services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services – increase…
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Tor and Bitcoin – What you need to know to get on-board with Internet marketing in 2014

Internet marketing has undergone foundational shifts in the last 24 months. Literally everything has changed. Here’s a look at what’s old and what’s new: Preferred Device: Old: Desktop browser New: Phone Preferred Currency: Old: USD New: bitcoin and litecoin Anonymity: Old: Was assumed, then it was gone, Now its back with the likes of a mainstream acceptance of tor, cloud browsers such as Maxtor, and rapid fire proxy changes. Internet marketing meant Google. Now it has to include private networks such as tor with many websites not even accessible to regular browsers. Lets look at devices At Fruition, we look at approximately 250 million page views a month for our clients. Twenty four months ago 24% were mobile or tablet page views. Now at the end of 2013 nearly 50% are mobile or tablet. Google is now even penalizing websites…
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An Unconfirmed Google Update

On November 14th there was a decent sized shift in rankings for many websites. At Fruition, we’ve seen larger ecommerce sites generally do better. Was this a pre-holiday adjustment favoring product searches? Was it a Hummingbird update? Was it a panda or penguin tweak? We’re not sure yet but we’d love your input. Check your website out on our Google penalty checker and then chat about it here.